Casey intriguing but Texans still need a big back

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
James Casey is a very intriguing player, a versatile tight end who can run, catch and throw and will prompt questions about whether the Texans will bust out some Wildcat.

He was not asked to block much at Rice -- where the Texans saw him up close -- but Houston drafted Anthony Hill 30 spots earlier and Hill may be the best blocking tight end in the draft.

If these guys pan out, the Texans are loaded at the position, as Owen Daniels is already a Pro Bowler and one of the NFL's most underrated tight ends.

Daniels is a restricted free agent they would like to sign long-term. If he plays this year for the tender offer and the free agency rules are the same next year, he could be able to test the market. If the Texans keep him, they are potentially stacked at the spot. Should he leave, they should be able to withstand the loss.

Casey is a hard guy not to root for, and it will be fun to see how he pans out as a pro and how he is deployed by the Texans.

Houston has three picks left, and one of them should be used on a big running back to pair with Steve Slaton.

A couple guys who may be in the right mold who are still available: Liberty's Rashad Jennings, Wisconsin's P.J. Hill and Texas' Chris Ogbonnaya.