The costs for Houston to move up

Since we’re hearing plenty of talk about the Texans trying to move up to get Texans A&M linebacker Von Miller or LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, I thought I’d take a look at what it would cost Houston to get in range.

Houston would probably have to get to No. 5 for Miller, the best guy in this draft for them to add as an outside backer in their new 3-4. Using a semi-standard trade value chart it would appear the Texans could jump to No. 5 in a trade with Arizona that would look like this:

  • Houston gets No. 5 and No. 136 (fifth round)

  • Arizona gets No. 11 and No. 42 (second round)

Conventional wisdom has Peterson lasting until No. 7, where San Francisco sits. Off the same chart, Houston might be able to pull off this deal with the 49ers:

  • Houston gets No. 7

  • San Francisco gets No. 11, No. 73 (third round) and No. 178 (sixth round)

Either player would be a big help to the Texans. I’d be reluctant to give up a second-rounder but parting with a third-rounder is not such a big deal.

In either instance, I would applaud an aggressive go-get-him move.

Kevin Weidl and Steve Muench of Scouts inc. both like the idea of Houston making a jump.