New playoff overtime rule refresher

Here is your reminder, Colts fans, that overtime on Saturday night would look different than we’re used to.

The playoff overtime rule is now different. Here it is.

And here is David Fleming’s piece running through some potential scenarios.

No one wants to be the first coach to botch things under the new rules.

“It certainly does give a team an opportunity if a team goes down and kicks a field goal," Jim Caldwell said. "You have an opportunity to get the ball back and go score one way or another. So that is going to change the dynamics a little bit. It will make you think about whether you will go for it on fourth down in some situations or try a long field goal.

"So some of those things will come up, but I think depending upon how the game has been going, how you feel about your team, what the situation may require, I think it will make it rather interesting.”

Peyton Manning thinks something out of his control is still a giant factor if things go to OT.

"I think the coin toss is still very important in overtime," he said. "I always try to do whatever I can to win in regulation and take the coin toss out of it.”