Jaguars position battles

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Left tackle: Richard Collier vs. Khalif Barnes

Collier is listed at 6-foot-5 and 350-pounds, and a mammoth guy like that has some huge appeal for a team looking to create room for running backs Fred Taylor and Maurice-Jones Drew. Collier has 25 pounds or so on Barnes, who's hardly small. But add in Barnes' off-the-field issues, his inconsistency and the fact that he's in a contract year and the Jaguars may just be ready to make a change as they look ahead. Eleven picks ahead of Barnes in 2005, the Titans Michael Roos has already proven to be a lynchpin and signed a lucrative extension. Has Barnes chance at a similar fate in Jacksonville passed?

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Fifth receiver: Matt Jones vs. Mike Walker

The Jaguars had five receivers on their roster at the end of last year, and if they stick with that they could face a tough call here after Jerry Porter, Dennis Northcutt, Reggie Williams and Troy Williamson. After recent hamstring surgery, Porter may not be full speed for opening day which will make the back end of the rotation even more important. Jones has been a disappointment and is now facing a felony drug charge. Walker catches everything, but the third-round pick from 2007 missed his rookie year with a knee injury. D'Juan Woods and John Broussard could also factor into the mix.

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