The AFC South in Pro Bowl fan voting

Fan results are in for the NFL’s popularity contest -- I mean Pro Bowl fan voting.

Without any ado, here are AFC South players who finished in the top 5:

Running backs: 1) Arian Foster; 2) Maurice Jones-Drew.

Fullbacks: 4) James Casey.

Tight ends: 3) Owen Daniels.

Centers: 5) Jeff Saturday.

Defensive ends: 2) Dwight Freeney; 4) Robert Mathis; 5) Antonio Smith.

Inside linebacker: 2) Pat Angerer; 5) Brian Cushing.

Free safety: 4) Antoine Bethea.

Kicker: 5) Neil Rackers.

That’s it. That’s the list.

Angerer did very well on a team with the worst record in the NFL. He's the surprise here, and worthy of his standing.

Fan voting counts a third toward the creation of the Pro Bowl teams, as does the vote of coaches and players.

Results come out Tuesday and we will cover it thoroughly.