Football Outsiders: Top prospects

The Texans and Titans account for five of 15 players Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders has in spots 11-25 in a Top 25 prospects list.

He uses smart criteria when putting the list together. Players must:

  • Be in the second, third, or fourth year of their pro career

  • Have been drafted in Rounds 3-7 or signed as an undrafted free agent

  • Have started fewer than five career games in the NFL

  • Still be on their rookie contract

You’ve got to be an Insider to see the whole deal here, but I secured AFC South rights to clue you in to some of the content.

20) Leroy Harris, Titans guard

19) Arian Foster, Texans running back

18) Jared Cook, Titans tight end

17) Antoine Caldwell, interior offensive lineman (also mentioned here)

13) Jacoby Jones, Texans receiver

On Jones, Barnwell writes:

“…He was a legitimate go-to guy when teams were tripling Andre Johnson and daring Matt Schaub to throw somewhere else. Schaub threw Jones 13 passes on third down; Jones caught 10 of them, gaining 125 yards and seven first downs.”

Stay tuned for notes on their top 10.