Themes for Titans as they visit new palace

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

ARLINGTON, Texas -- I've seen Cowboys Stadium from a distance and will head over in a while. You'll find a post with some first impressions from there.

Meanwhile, here are three things I'll be looking for as the Titans take on the Cowboys:

1. How quickly does Jeff Fisher pull Kerry Collins? Early in the week the coach talked of Vince Young getting time with the first team, but later he indicated the plan isn't firm. I suspect if Collins is good, he'll sit relatively early and if he's not he'll play longer. Either way Young should get at least a little time with the ones, and how he fares against the Cowboys first-stringer will be of major interest.

2. What's the return game look like? One of the top punt return candidates stayed home with a hamstring injury, and Chris Davis compounded his problems with a DUI. Mark Jones might play some receiver but won't be on special teams. Ryan Mouton (ankle) will also be missing. Can any of the other guys lining up to field punts or kicks -- Jason McCourty, Javon Ringer, Rafael Little or even Tuff Harris -- make a good impression?

3. How's the pass rush? The Cowboys are slated to play starters through the first half. Do the Titans effectively rush with four, as they hope to continue to do on a regular basis, while rolling through their top defensive linemen? This should be a good indicator of how well they can track the quarterback without help from any blitzers. Two massive pieces of the Cowboys' line, left tackle Flozell Adams (340 pounds) and right guard Leonard Davis (353) can be hard to get by.