What I'd like to see happen tonight

What I'd like to see happen tonight as the second and third rounds of the NFL draft unfold...

Houston Texans

I’d love to see Rueben Randle at No. 58 if the LSU receiver is still on the board. An offensive lineman or a receiver is the need at this point, and it would be big if the Texans came out of the evening with at least one from their two picks. They also have pick No. 76 in the third round.

Indianapolis Colts

Stanford tight end Coby Fleener seems too good to be true at No. 34, the second pick of the second round. The Rams need a receiver and missed out on Justin Blackmon. But someone in love with Fleener could come to their spot. If the Colts have a weapon for Andrew Luck they prefer, that would work, too. Can they bear to hold off until pick 64 in the third for defensive help?

Jacksonville Jaguars

Todd McShay is a big proponent of Marshall defensive end Vinny Curry, and that would be an interesting pick. Really, if the Jaguars can land a pass rusher they like who will produce with the sixth pick tonight, 38th overall, we can call this draft a success and the rest is gravy. I also think they should consider what I am about to suggest for the Titans below: pursuit of Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

Tennessee Titans

I understand the trend is to devalue veterans from elsewhere and the appeal is inexpensive rookie contracts. But the Titans should ask the Giants if they’d take a fourth, No. 115, for Umenyiora. Craft a good contract offer for the 30-year-old defensive end who’s got one year left on his deal worth $3.975 million and if he likes it, do it. There is no way a fourth-round pick will be better than Umenyiora for Tennessee. The Titans’ last 10 fourth rounders: Colin McCarthy, Jamie Harper, Alterraun Verner, Gerald McRath, Troy Kropog, William Hayes, Lavelle Hawkins, Stanford Keglar, Leroy Harris and Chris Davis. Which one wouldn’t you trade for Umenyiora? I’d consider upping it to the third rounder if that’s what it takes. The Giants don’t have to deal him, of course. But the Titans should be exploring the possibility.