AFC South salary-cap report

Big free-agent spending is long over, and team finances are pretty much set for the time being.

An update on where the teams in the AFC South stand against the cap. The total cost of the team’s most expensive 51 players must be under the cap of $123 million.

  • Jacksonville: $27 million under

  • Indianapolis: $9.407 million under

  • Tennessee: $6.34 million under

  • Houston: $3.383 million under

Teams do not have to have a set amount of cap room in order to draft. They get their rookie pool number after the draft. And as they sign players they have to have to room for them. That is the cost of the new signee minus the cost of the 51st most expensive player on the roster, typically a minimum salary guy.

Titans general manager Ruston Webster recently said $4 million to $6 million of cap room would suffice to sign a draft class.

So the Texans will need to find some money when it’s time for them to sign their nine draft picks before training camp starts in late July or early August.

An extension for linebacker Brian Cushing or defensive lineman Antonio Smith could do the job.