Titans assistant Jefferson puts on pads

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson had talked about doing it for sometime. Tuesday was the day he put on pads and helmet to go against his players in a drill.

Wearing a Titans light blue No. 1 practice jersey and holding a big blocking pad, he had players come at him through a garbage can gap. Then he banged into them to demonstrate the passion he wants to see in their blocking.

Nate Washington went first, and spent the rest of the period howling in laughter. Marc Mariani and Derek Hagan put Jefferson on the ground on back-to-back snaps.

“He's been threatening that for months and years,” Mariani said. “We saw him kind of going over and getting everything rounded up and we were like, ‘What’s going on over there?’ Then he comes out with shoulder pads and a jersey and we’re doing a downhill drill. It was unbelievable man. I love that dude.

“We all thought it was going to be a little thud drill, but when he came downhill the first time and got Nate a little bit, we were like ‘OK, there is going to be a little more contact than we thought, he’s still got a little gas in the tank.'”

And what about knocking him to the ground?

“I think he just lost hit footing, I don’t think I really crushed him or anything. We definitely had to come in there a little harder once we saw what he was working with.”

Jefferson wasn’t happy when Mariani tried to help him up.

“He didn’t want any part of it, he’s pretty competitive, he wanted to be up and into the next guy,” Mariani said. “He was pretty intense during that thing. I think afterwards he laughed about it.”

Jefferson didn’t care to chat about it after and Whisenhunt downplayed it, suggesting it was just another drill.

Sorry coach, but I’ve never seen an assistant put himself in position to get hit by his players before. It could wind up being the highlight of camp.

I bet players won’t be able to watch it enough.

“It’s going to be in our iPads probably within the next 30 minutes," Hagan said. "So we’ll be able to check it out."