How I See It: AFC South Stock Watch


The Colts defensive front: This was a disorganized and ineffective group, giving up 8.3 yards a carry to Foster after halftime in Houston. The Colts have recovered from or survived bad run defense before. But with the backs they face the rest of the year, they’ll have to fare far better.

Jim Caldwell’s decisions on when to punt: Since Adam Vinatieri doesn’t have a booming leg means long-range field goals aren’t going to be an option. But when Caldwell calls for punts from the Houston 38-yard line in the first half and the Houston 34 in the second half and winds up with touchbacks both times, the Colts net 18 and 14 yards in field position. Justin Tryon botched chances to down both. But the risk/reward made terrible trade-offs possible and the Colts got them.

Indianapolis receivers: Pierre Garcon had two drops. Anthony Gonzalez caught a ball while his heel was on the sideline stripe. Austin Collie fumbled, though it was the result of a heck of a hit. For the Colts' offense to max out, it needs mistake-free precision. Those three receivers threw off the pass offense’s rhythm.


Arian Foster and Vonta Leach: Let’s not forget the fullback when we point to Foster’s phenomenal opening-day performance. A good share of the time, Leach was leading the way and making impressive collisions.

Aaron Kampman and Owen Daniels: Two guys who suffered torn ACLs in the middle of 2009 played in their season openers. Kampman had nine tackles, 1.5 sacks and six quarterback hits. Daniels had just one nine-yard catch, but was part of an outstanding blocking effort and played more than expected.

David Garrard and Vince Young: Two quarterbacks under bright spotlights got off to excellent starts, making good decisions, good throws and producing efficiently in opening-day wins. The Jaguars and Titans, respectively, have to be quite pleased heading into Week 2. Tougher defenses await.