Trading into it last year, Jags set market for No. 8

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

A dip into the Jaguars' section of the mailbag:

Jeff from Jacksonville writes: Paul I have a two part question regarding the jaguars and the draft. First I believe that the Jags have put a smoke screen regarding drafting a QB in the first round, (although I do believe that they would do so if things did not work out the way they plan) I think that there main plan is to trade down and accumulate extra pics. Gene Smith has been preaching this since his first press conference and I dont believe it has changed. With the rise of Mark Sanchez from his workout, what are the chances that he might not even be there with the 8th pick for the Jaguars to try and trade, could it be that the Jags smoke screen was to big and now teams will try to trade in front of them to get Sanchez. Secondly, if Sanchez is avaliable what teams would probably be in the running for 8th pick from the Jags and what would be the compensation. The Jags are in a interested situation, they basically set the trade value for the 8th pick last year (which at the time looked like a steal since they didnt have to give up next year's first or a second) but now they are probably going to be looking for more than they paid last year for the same pic, I would love to hear your opinion on these two questions, like many, I check your blog everyday, I hope you have some new info for the team next week since they start off-season workouts. Thanks Paul, keep up the great work.

I'm not convinced the Jaguars will take Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez if one of them is available at No. 8 and agree with the idea that they'd like to trade down to accumulate picks. If Michael Crabtree, B.J. Raji, Jeremy Maclin or an offensive tackle they are in love with -- maybe Michael Oher -- remains available, they could be happy to stay put and address a need.

As for potential suitors: Teams that draft after the Jaguars who could want a quarterback include San Francisco (10), the Jets (17), Tampa Bay (19), Detroit (20, if the Lions don't use No. 1 on a quarterback) and Minnesota (22).

I really like Jeff's point that by trading into the eighth spot last year for defensive end Derrick Harvey, the Jaguars set the value for the very pick they may try to trade out of a year later.

Revisiting 2008: The Jaguars got the eighth pick in the draft from Baltimore in exchange for:

  • No. 26 overall -- Ultimately used by Houston on left tackle Duane Brown out of Virginia Tech

  • No. 71 overall (third round) -- Used by Baltimore on linebacker Tavares Gooden out of Miami

  • No. 89 overall (third round) -- Ultimately used by Houston on running back Steve Slaton

  • No. 125 overall (fourth round) -- Ultimately used by Oakland on receiver Arman Shields out of Richmond

(Quick aside: The Texans did pretty well with picks that first belonged to the Jaguars, didn't they? Duane Brown may be a long-term starter and Steve Slaton had a fantastic rookie season.)

Based on the numbers on the draft value chart we have up at ESPN.com, the Jaguars "won" the trade with Baltimore -- No. 8 is worth 1,400 points and the four picks Jacksonville gave up were worth 1,127 points. (The Ravens wound up trading back up to No. 18 for Joe Flacco.)

A trade partner for Jacksonville later this month has a blueprint for what it will cost to get to No. 8.

A similar deal out of the spot this year would leave the Jags with 13 picks, including three third-rounders and two fourth-rounders.

Here's what they have right now:

Round and Overall pick
1: 8
2: 39
3: 72
4: 107
5: 144
6: 180
7: 232*
7: 250**
7: 253**

* -- from Miami
** -- Compensatory selection.