Texans spending time on Tebow

The Jets are coming off a bad effort with a terrible result and the Texans are expecting a big bounce-back effort out of their hosts Monday night at MetLife Stadium.

They had a rough week last week. Everybody in this business goes through something like that. I expect them to bounce back and play very well. That’s what I’m telling our team, that they’re going to bounce back and play well. The key is how are we going to play?

And Gary Kubiak said his team is preparing for both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

“We have to,” Kubiak told Houston reporters. “This is very difficult to prepare for. You could face, obviously, the form of offense that they have run some with Tim and some of things Tim’s done in the past. You got to go way back and look at all that. Obviously, Mark, he’s played extremely well against us. It’s double duty from that standpoint.

“It’s probably the most difficult team we’ve had to prepare for, really across the board. They do a lot defensively. Rex (Ryan) has got a ton of stuff and make you work on. Special teams-wise, they do a lot of formations. They’re doing a lot of things with Tim, so a lot of issues for us to get ready to play from a rep standpoint.”

Houston is using practice-squad quarterback Case Keenum to mimic Tebow, as well as return man Trindon Holliday, who doesn’t have anything close to Tebow’s size but can prepare a defense for speed and mobility beyond what’s normal.

Kubiak’s added some more reps in practices and extended the walk-through parts of their preparation.

Players are doing well to echo their coach’s thinking.

“We’re not going based off what they’ve done in previous games,” left tackle Duane Brown. “We’re going off of what we’re expecting to get, which is their best effort.”