Kubiak wants rushing title for Foster

The Texans want a win Sunday for several reasons: 6-10 is better than 5-11, jobs are on the line, revenge for the Hail Mary loss in Jacksonville. A win would give Houston a 3-3 division record and a split with its three rivals.

It would also give the Texans their best chance to secure the NFL rushing title for Arian Foster. He’s got a 56-yard lead on Jamaal Charles and a 111-yard lead on Chris Johnson.

Gary Kubiak rated getting Foster the title as “very important.”

“I don’t think you go out into the game and say, ‘We’re just going to run the ball so Arian wins the title,’” Kubiak told Houston reporters Wednesday. “But I think it’s important that if we play the way we’re capable of playing, he should find a way to get that done. It’s important to everybody.

“I think I’ve had one guy in my career do that and that was Terrell Davis (in Denver). So this will be very nice. We’ve got to think about the receiver we got, too. That’s unusual, to have the leading rusher in the league and a receiver as high as Andre [Johnson] is, so some good stuff is going on.”

Johnson is battling an ankle injury and Kubiak said the receiver will decide if he can play.

But it’s unlikely he can wind up the league leader in receiving yards as he’s 159 yards off the pace of Brandon Lloyd of Denver, with Roddy White and Reggie Wayne also ahead of Johnson.