The Big Question: Can teams get into 2nd?

Can the Jaguars or Titans get back into the second round?

Jacksonville is set to go on pause after pick No. 10 until No. 74 overall in the third round, the price of the pick the Jaguars got from New England last April to get Derek Cox with the 73rd pick.

Tennessee will go silent after No. 16 until No. 77 in the third, the cost of the selection the Titans got from New England last April to get Jared Cook with the 89th pick.

But both teams have needs, won’t necessarily be in love with someone in their first-round slots and would surely love to get back into the second round.

So what would it cost?

Here are hypothetical trade examples for each team using our draft value trade chart that’s below.

They are not based on me knowing anything about the Eagles, Chargers or Cowboys wanting the trade up. (Please read that twice.) I just think those three teams are in the area where the Jaguars or Titans would like to move down to, and the Eagles are intriguing because they have two second-rounders.

  • Jacksonville gives up No. 10 for Philadelphia’s No. 1 pick at No. 24 and also gets Philadelphia’s second second-rounder, 55th overall, and a seventh-rounder, 200th overall. (Chart values, that’s 1,300-1,102.4.)

  • Jacksonville gives up No. 10 for San Diego’s No. 1 pick at 28 and also gets San Diego’s second-rounder, 40th overall, and a seventh-rounder, 235th overall. (Chart values, that’s 1,300 to 1,161.9)

  • Tennessee gives up No. 16 for Philadelphia’s two No. 2 picks, 37th and 55th overall. (Chart values, that’s 1,000-880.)

  • Tennessee gives up No. 16 for Dallas’ No., 1 pick at No. 27 and also gets Dallas’ second rounder, 59th overall. (Chart values, that’s 1,000-990.)

If the Jaguars or Titans don’t have a true love available at 10 or 16 and the Eagles, Chargers or Cowboys were willing partners, I’d have no beef with those deals or anything similar.

I’ve touched on how our ability to add up the numbers may prevent some teams from making deals that don’t quite add up, like these don’t. But if you want out of your spot and you are determined to get a second-round pick, I’m OK with you getting a little less than what fans and media will feel is full value based on this chart.