Just how entertaining are the Texans?

Lists? I like lists as much as the next guy.

But indices? I find them truly special. If you have a good list, you should always do what it takes to convert it into an index.

I also love Bill Barnwell of Grantland. So imagine my joy at finding an index by Barnwell.

He cleverly puts together The NFL Entertainment Index.

Despite my affections for the author and the concept, I would have struggled to post on it were it not for the Texans’ ranking.

No. 2.

The criteria: Against an average opponent, which team would he want to watch the most? (“I tend to prefer teams that throw the ball and make a lot of big plays on defense, so my bias leans there,” he offers.

Writes Barnwell:

“The Texans are brutal efficiency personified, running the ball down people's throats with the same play, over and over again, without any answer. They run the same route combinations that Gary Kubiak was putting together for Ed McCaffrey and Rod Smith to catch passes from Brian Griese in Denver, and it doesn't matter. They could show you the play before the snap and still beat you to the punch. They knock down a half-dozen of your passes at the line of scrimmage, and if you're lucky, they don't return any of them for a touchdown. They somehow let a first overall pick go and got better on defense, and their best player is so obviously the league's Most Valuable Player that he's become a household name despite playing a position commonly regarded as statless and anonymous. They are the German national soccer team of the NFL, ruthless and consistent and a testament to how to win.”

The German national soccer team is a machine. The comparison is quite a compliment. The ranking too.