Titans now have three first-round QBs

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
With the addition of Patrick Ramsey, the Titans now have three quarterbacks on their roster who were first-round draft picks:

Ryan McCrystal of ESPN Stats & Information talked to Elias Sports Bureau Monday about similar scenarios in recent NFL history. The folks there cannot assess rosters, just player participation.

So we don't know for sure when the last time a team had three first-round quarterbacks on its roster was -- if you recall such a scenario, drop a note in the mailbag and I will revisit.

According to Elias, the most recent team to play three first-round quarterbacks in the same season was the 1995 Miami Dolphins -- with Dan Marino, Bernie Kosar and Dan McGwire. But that trio gets an asterisk, as Kosar was a first-round pick in the supplemental draft.

The most recent example of three first-round quarterbacks from the April draft playing on the first team is the 1989 Jets with Ken O'Brien, Tony Eason and Mark Malone.

The Titans are unlikely to join the list. They carried three quarterbacks last season with Collins, Young and Chris Simms, but otherwise their recent preference has been to go with two.

And even if they went into the 2009 season carrying all three quarterbacks or wound up with all of them on their 53-man roster at some point, their offensive line provides exceptional protection and the odds of two quarterbacks being knocked out with injuries to make way for the third to play seem pretty slim.

Not to jinx them or anything.