Jaguars need to pick up ticket pace

Here’s a recap of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ ticket sales situation from Michael C. Wright.

Jacksonville knows this is a baby-steps process. But the Jaguars basically have to sell 12,000 more tickets to reach their sellout number and be on local TV.

“We sold about 8,000 in 3 1/2 months,” said Tim Connolly, Jaguars vice president of business development. "So now we've got to do 12,000 in four months. But you can't look at the clock or the score. You've just got to keep playing."

The Jaguars, the city and local initiatives to spark sales have done admirable work in a tough situation.

The draft should spark a new wave of interest.

But the fact is they’ve got to pick up the pace to be on TV, and there is no bigger marketing tool in the league than home games on TV.

Until the Jaguars don’t have to sweat that, no matter how much foundation building general manager Gene Smith does and no matter how well Team Teal and Touchdown Jacksonville promote the team, the franchise’s stability will remain in question.