Perusing individual preseason stats

Preseason stats can mean about as much as preseason wins and losses.

But as we await the last games of the 2010 exhibition season Thursday night, I thought we’d take a look at some of the AFC South’s best statistical performers and tell you what the numbers might indicate. (Idea borrowed or stolen, depending on how you look at it, from Bill Williamson.)


Luke McCown, Jacksonville, 472 yards

What it means: The Jags often trailed when their No. 2 came into the game and their No. 3, Trevor Harris, has only thrown nine passes.


Arian Foster, Houston, 169 yards

What it means: The Texans wanted to show fire and get a good result against Dallas, and Foster got going in Game No. 3, topping 100 yards.


Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones, Houston, 12 catches

What it means: That Johnson’s the same level go-to guy he’s always been and that the team has a chance to get Jones more involved as it would like.

Field goals

Josh Scobee, Jacksonville, 7-of-7

What it means: He’s always had a huge leg. While he hit 12-of-13 in his best season, he’s only been 16-of-28 from more than 40 yards out in his past two seasons. This good start includes three-of-three from that distance. The Jags are likely to need some long field goals this season.

Sacks and Tackles

Pat Angerer, Indianapolis, 2 and 24

What it means: He played a great deal with Clint Session out of the first couple games and with Gary Brackett getting hurt in the third. The rookie’s production in the regular season, provided the starters are healthy, will need to come on special teams.