Before first practice, paging through guide

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
As I get ready to head out to the Titans' opening practice of training camp, fans are streaming in and I am paging through the 2009 edition of the team's media guide.

It's not common for a team to have the guides out so promptly, and the Titans managed to get a photo montage of Steve McNair, who died July 4, on the inside cover.

The front cover is light blue with the team's 50th anniversary logo in the middle and has logos and slogans from different eras bordering the cover all the way around it.

Sharp look.

I scanned through the list of coaches and executives for promotions or title changes, and see three:

  • Longtime sales and operations head Stuart Spears, who dates back to the Oilers in Houston, is now a vice president.

  • Jon Salge, who was a pro personnel assistant, is now a college scout.

  • And Trey Koziol has joined the team as a pro personnel assistant.

I'll tweet/update my Facebook status from practice and talk to you after.