Mailbag: On Brock, markets and my bias

Brian in Austin, Texas, writes: Thoughts on the Texans trading Jacques Reeves or Fred Bennett to the Ravens for Troy Smith to shore up our backup quarterback situation? I know the mindset is that Dan Orlovsky has all the tools and physical makeup, but every time I've seen him in a game he looks lost. I think I'd rather have a guy who can manage a game with his arm and legs to manufacture wins if Schaub goes down.

Paul Kuharsky: I don’t know that Troy Smith is a sure thing as a quality backup either, or that Baltimore, needy as it might be in the secondary, wants Reeves or Bennett.

Jim in Greenville, S.C., writes:Chances Raheem Brock makes the Pro Bowl? Better yet, chances any of the defensive line besides Tony Brown making the Pro Bowl?

Paul Kuharsky: Brock has to worry about making the team before making the Pro Bowl. Brown would be most likely. One of the kids could have a big year and get in when they go eight deep at his position the way they do these days.

Brian Weinkauf in Houston writes: On your AFC South Blog you talk of unknown trios for the Texans as Glover Quin, Antoine Caldwell and Zac Diles. I would agree with Diles as he led the team in tackles year before last until he got hurt. Quin was the only CB in the league to not allow a TD besides Champ Bailey. I disagree with Caldwell... he's looking good at guard, but has not stood out from any other of the five guards says Kubiak. Connor Barwin led all rookie DE's last year in sacks, but only played sparingly. He's the third.

Paul Kuharsky: You are right, Barwin was an obvious choice and I missed him. Probably would have moved the Texans up on that list, too.

Chris Barber from Clarksville, Tenn., writes: First question I have involves the Colts. Every year the question arises, is this the year the Colts begin to decline. I personally think as long as #18 is taking the snaps that probably won't happen, but have you seen anything in their camp to make you think otherwise? Second, I think the Titan's offense should be good enough to keep them in most games, but I'm terrified about their defense. Do you think Derrick Morgan could have a Jevon Kearse like effect on the team? Thank you for your time. PS -- I too am terrified of the Dino Chicken.

Paul Kuharsky: I cannot understand why there is no outrage and widespread fear over Dino Chickens.

I cannot understand why anyone thinks the Colts dip. They should be very good again.

Kearse was a once-in-a-generation kind of guy. Morgan is not going to explode onto the scene in the same way. Jim Washburn has said that’s an unreasonable expectation.

Cody in Nashville, Tenn., writes: I know the Titans are considered to be in a small market, but I wasn't sure what defined that. They've sold out every season since they have been here. What defines a large market, population? Ticket sales? City? Just curious. Thanks for all your insight.

Paul Kuharsky: Sellouts have nothing to do with it. The Packers are in a tiny town -- as small market as any major league franchise in America -- and they have a monster waiting list for season tickets.

Small markets are about fan-base size and business population in terms of available sponsorship dollars.

From the general numbers I am finding, New York’s metropolitan area has over 10 times the population of Jacksonville or Nashville. It’s a lot easier to sell tickets and sponsorships and maintain an interested fan base with that sort of advantage.

Barrett in Houston writes: Paul, You are great when you are factual, but when you start to editorialize, your biases come out to a disappointing degree.

Paul Kuharsky: I certainly welcome you to be more specific. You are great when you are specific, but when you start to generalize, it’s disappointing.

I’m supposed to editorialize, chief. The blog is a bit of everything, reporting, observation, reaction, response, analysis, opinion.

I get accused of being biased against all four teams, which I usually take to mean I am doing a good job.

You’re from Houston, so I presume you think I am against the Texans.

I assure you I am not. But I also ask you and any Texans fans who share that sentiment, what have the Texans done that's deserving of any alleged missing praise?