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Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Some teams are cracking down on Twitter.

Bob Kravitz has some opinions on the tweeting issue. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to expect reporters not to use Twitter at a practice that's open to the public when the public is allowed to do it.

Houston Texans

  • Rex Grossman is working hard to revive his reputation and his career, writes Richard Justice.

  • Steve Slaton plans to make a bigger impact on offense, which would be no small thing. Jordan Godwin's story.

  • Chris Myers should be ready for the opener and the Texans are looking at veteran defensive backs including Mike McKenzie as well as a couple of running backs, says John McClain.

  • Brice McCain is getting a big chance to show his stuff, often against Andre Johnson, says Jordan Godwin.

  • McClain expects Dunta Robinson will be a white knight coming to the rescue.

  • Justice thinks Gary Kubiak will have a hard time not calling plays.

  • A confirmed list of Texans on Twitter.

  • Lance Zierlein has the Texans and Titans both finishing 9-7 behind Indianapolis.

  • The Texans' practices with the Saints will be open to the public. Details from Alan Burge.

  • Rookie coach and Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews dusted off his Elvis impersonation, says Justice.

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Stopping the run seems complicated now, writes Michael C. Wright.

  • The Jaguars are finding new ways to get the ball to their playmakers, says Wright.

  • Mike Walker has a huge opportunity if he can stay healthy, says Wright.

  • Russ Purnell has been in the visiting locker room the Jaguars are using 14 times with other teams.

  • A look at the tight ends from Big Cat Country.

Tennessee Titans