Three 1,000-yard backs not so rare

Three backs who’ve run for 1,000 yards on the same team sounds like a rarity.

But after writing about the Texans and Arian Foster, Derrick Ward, and Steve Slaton Monday I asked Stats & Info how often it’s happened and they took it to Elias. Apparently, it’s not so uncommon, especially when Michael Bennett (who ran for 1,296 yards for Minnesota in 2002) is involved.

There have been three instances of a team having three 1,000-yard rushers in just the last five years.

  • 2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Michael Bennett, Warrick Dunn and Cadillac Williams

  • 2008 Washington Redskins -- Shaun Alexander, Ladell Betts and Clinton Portis

  • 2007 Kansas City Chiefs -- Michael Bennett, Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson

Foster and Ward are definite for the Texans. If Slaton sticks, they’ll be added to this list. He has to rank fourth at best right now, behind Ben Tate.