Considering the Reich-Turner flip-flop

INDIANAPOLIS -- If Colts officials were available to field any questions at the combine, like virtually every other team in the league does, the first thing I’d ask would be about the flip-flop of Frank Reich and Ron Turner.

The team took Reich, who was quarterbacks coach, and moved him to receivers, while taking Turner, who’d been with the receivers, and moved him to quarterbacks.

We are left to interpret without any explanation from coach Jim Caldwell, any reaction from Reich or Turner and any comment from Peyton Manning or Reggie Wayne.

Certainly the move was made either because Manning wanted it or because Manning bought it when it was brought to him. I’d expect even Wayne gave a nod.

Will Wolford, who does color for the team’s radio broadcast team, shared his thoughts Friday morning at the combine.

“It is unusual; I never saw it as a player,” he said. “I think they probably all got together and decided on, ‘What can make us a better team, top to bottom?’ Obviously they thought that was the move to make."

Wolford and I agree that Reich will have to do some winning over of the receivers, as guys at a position are inclined to be skeptical of a position coach who doesn’t have origins or experience playing and/or coaching the spot.

“But I’ve always believed that quarterbacks make the best coaches regardless of position just because they study the most when they are playing,” Wolford said. “A guy like Reich was so studious when he played and with the experience he’s gained now, no one knows more than what a wide receiver should think about than a quarterback. So it’s probably a pretty good move.

“I saw where the Tennessee Titans hired Dave Ragone, a former quarterback, to coach their wide receivers. I think there is definitely something to a quarterback taking over, teaching guys. ‘No, I don’t know the exact route to run, I can learn that. But I can tell you exactly what a quarterback is thinking on this play and where you should be.'”