Shopping spree: VY, MJD available cheap

A life-sized Vince Young to stick on your wall isn’t what it used to be. But, the Internet says, neither is a life-sized Maurice Jones-Drew. (He’s smaller than Young, for sure, but not changing teams anytime soon.)

Inspired by a tweet I saw about a discounted MJD Fathead, I hit the web like I was a 13-year-old AFC South fanatic looking to decorate a large bedroom.

A Young Fathead, initially $89.99, is now $17.99.

A Jones-Drew Fathead, initially $89.99, is also now $17.99. Perhaps an older uniform has a bearing here; I’m not sure.

I’d be insulted if I was either Young or MJD considering Shawne Merriman as a Charger is only down from $119.99 to $99.99 and one site is still asking $69.99 (down from $99.99) for a Steelers’ Willie Parker. Heck, Joseph Addai in an LSU uniform is listed at $99.99.

But hey, the biggest complaint should be from Brian Urlacher, whose Bears host the Seahawks this weekend for a slot in the NFC Championship Game. You can buy him now on eBay for just $29.74.

I’d love to do some semi-regular entry on memorabilia, so if you come across anything weird or oddly priced, please send me word.