Comparing deals for Bradshaw, Greene

The screw in Ahmad Bradshaw's right foot could be an issue for him going forward.

If he's healthy, he could be a heck of an acquisition for the Indianapolis Colts.

And the price sure seems right: It’s a one-year, $1.1 million contract that came with a $250,000 signing bonus. There is another $650,000 available in per game roster bonuses.

I fielded a good question in the last couple days about whether or not Bradshaw’s contract and the Denver Broncos’ release of Willis McGahee sheds further bad light on the Titans contract with Shonn Greene.

I don’t really factor in McGahee -- he’s a bigger injury question than Bradshaw and that’s why Denver is moving on.

But compare the Bradshaw price to Greene’s. Green got three years at $10 million, with a $2.5 million signing bonus and $4.5 million guaranteed.

It’s one-third the time under contract for Bradshaw. But he could well be starting for the Colts while Greene is the No. 2 back for the Titans. Yet over the life of this contract, Greene’s average per year will be nearly double.

If Greene gives the Titans what they want, his deal won’t seem outrageous.

If Bradshaw has a solid and healthy year, the Colts will have to spend more to keep him longer.

The verdict will take time. Right now things look to tip to Indianapolis.