Redskins vs. Colts prompts curiosity about QBs

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

CANTON, Ohio - There is football tonight.

It may not be the brand we like best, but the Hall of Fame Game will give us at least a couple nuggets, get us looking at the calendar to see just how far away opening day is.

What little intrigue there will be at Fawcett Stadium starts with the quarterbacks:

  • Does Washington's Jason Campbell look like he's in command of what new coach Jim Zorn wants him to do?

That may all be answered before two series are over each way, of course. And then we can try to measure twos against twos or threes against threes or the channel might get changed.

"I think we want nothing less than to go down the field and score," Washington tight end Chris Cooley said. "I think we're good enough to do that. I think guys really have a good flow of what we have going on. My general assumption is we'll maybe take one or two shots down the field and other than that we'll go six-, seven-, eight-yard passes and just try to take chunks.

"Obviously, it can be a three-and-out. [Room fills with laughter.] It's early. It's a new offense. But I've been impressed by the way we've moved the ball in practice... I think most of the guys feel like if we can get the ball down the field and score, then maybe we can kind of take the helmets off and drink Gatorade on the benches."

Clinton Portis busted out laughing when I asked him if he was playing any tonight.

On the other side, Sorgi got an unsurprisingly upbeat forecast from Tony Dungy.

"We'll have a pretty good cast around him, Marvin [Harrison] and Ryan Lilja are not going to play," Dungy said. "All the other (offensive) starters will. And I think he'll play great."