Williamson: Texans need hammer FB

James Casey isn’t a natural fullback. He’s not coming off an All-Pro season either.

But with Vonta Leach gone to Baltimore, Casey will be first in line to take over work that was so crucial for Arian Foster in his 1,616-yard rushing season.

Casey could be great and it could work.

But I’m skeptical and I think Houston should shop for a cheaper option, perhaps Heath Evans, Ahmard Hall or Lawrence Vickers.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. is a big fan of Leach. So his answer to my question about Casey as the Texans’ primary lead blocker didn’t surprise me.

“I don't like it," Williamson said. "I like Casey for sure -- because he can do many things well -- but he isn't Leach. Leach is like Lorenzo Neal; just a pure hammer who strikes with fantastic leverage and power. Casey isn't built like that or nearly as powerful. Casey would offer more, in that you could move him around pre-snap and throw him the ball more. But there would be a huge drop-off as a pure lead blocker. Leach is a stud in that department.

“They need to find a hammer fullback. There are a lot of them around -- even rookies. They are all very one-dimensional, but so what? They need that guy in that O.”

Perhaps one of the team’s rookie free agents will fit the bill. Zac Pauga from Colorado State is listed as a fullback, while Bubba Bartlett from Carroll College is listed as a fullback/tight end.