Where will Tomlinson end up?

LaDainian Tomlinson recently said he believes he can still be an effective running back. Expect the 30-year-old Tomlinson, who was released by San Diego on Monday, to continue his career.

Some league observers believe Tomlinson may have to wait a while to garner interest. Here is a list of potential suitors.


Why: Tomlinson said after he was kept by San Diego in 2009 that he thought Baltimore could have been a potential landing spot.


Why: Tomlinson is still effective at the goal line. Denver struggled in short yardage last season.

Green Bay

Why: The Packers could use a veteran presence in the backfield.


Why: Texans coach Gary Kubiak has long been a fan of Tomlinson’s.

Kansas City

Why: The Chiefs could use a veteran mentor for young star Jamaal Charles.

New Orleans

Why: Tomlinson and Drew Brees, the king of New Orleans, would love to reunite.


Why: Mike Shanahan loves veterans and he was a huge admirer of Tomlinson’s while he was in Denver.