You pick it responses

As expected, we had a runaway winner in our AFC West “You pick it” story this week.

Really, how could it be any story other than LaDainian Tomlinson being released in San Diego? This is colossal news and will be one of the biggest stories in the division all year.

For the record, the other candidates were San Diego shopping cornerback Antonio Cromartie and former Kansas City defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast leaving his job as a defensive backs coach in Oakland after less than two weeks, to become the defensive coordinator at nearby Cal.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Dan from Pratt, Kan.,: With all due respect to the other persons involved: NO story has the impact of the loss of L.T., in any week or month. That from a Football Fan. Not a Chargers fan, but a 'Football Fan'.

Ryan from San Diego: It definitely has to be LaDanian Tomlinson being cut by the Chargers. Although, it was expected it is still so, so sad to see him go and potentially put on another jersey. He has meant so much to this town and is such a great, classy guy. It will bring tears to my eyes for a long time but a Super Bowl would definitely help things.

Daylon from Wyoming: I think its Cro being shopped. He was supposed to be an elite corner a couple years ago, but how that is now forgotten. What I dont understand is how they think that they will get a starting caliber RB for a CB that they themselves have devalued by questioning his toughness and his attitude. Heck it took Champ Bailey to get Clinton Portis, and Champ is 100 times the CB that Cro is...

Kyle from San Diego: This isnt even a question this week. There is only one story this week and that is LT. We will never be able to fully show LT our appreciation for what he did for this city and this team the last 9 years. He is the reason the Chargers have been as succesful as they have been in recent years and will be for years to come I think. It is the end of a great era and a sad time in SD. If the response to his release by the fans isnt enough to show people nationwide that there are passionate football fans in SD then I dont know what will.

Mike from San Diego: It’s L.T. this may be the biggest story in San Diego in 10 years. It’s huge.

Joe from Fresno: It’s the Tomlinson story. This is a celebration of a legendary career. He’ll be missed.