AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Evan from Rancho Bernardo, Ca wants to know what I think the trade value of San Diego cornerback Antonio Cromartie will be.

Bill Williamson: I think the realistic compensation will be a third-round pick. I’ve heard whispers of that being a realistic compensation that could pry Cromartie away from San Diego. The Chargers would also take a veteran running back for Cromartie, who they have been shopping in recent weeks. But a draft pick could also help San Diego acquire a running back. Either San Diego could take a running back with the pick acquired in a Cromartie trade or it could package it to move up in the draft.

Michael from Council Buffs, Ia. wants to know if Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain would be available when Denver picks at No.11.

BW: I think McClain certainly has to be considered as an option for Denver. He would fit in well in Denver’s 3-4 defense. But the Broncos will also be looking at defensive and offensive linemen, receivers and perhaps quarterbacks in the first round. But McClain could be an option. Don’t be stunned if Kansas City (No.5) and Oakland (No.8) consider drafting McClain as well.

Daniel Press from Lawrence, Ks. wants to know if Kansas City offensive coordinator could influence the Chiefs to take receiver Golden Tate in the draft. Tate played for Weis at Notre Dame.

BW: I could see it, sure. Weis and Tate get along well and the Chiefs are looking for receivers. I could see Kansas City taking Tate with a second or third-round pick. This is certainly a potential pairing worth keeping an eye on.