Cable talk from the combine

Here are some highlights of the news conference held by Oakland coach Tom Cable at the NFL combine on Sunday:

On Oakland’s quarterback situation headed into 2010:

“You know, getting ready to start the offseason and get to OTAs and minicamp and let the job be competed for. That’s where we’re at in terms of our starting quarterback.”

On whether Oakland will look to draft a quarterback.

“For us, we have to look at a number of things, so I don’t think you would discount that or any other position.”

On Oakland’s other draft needs.

“For us right now probably working a little bit on the line of scrimmage and the secondary and some things like that. And really come away from this combine and knowing what’s going to be available, so you can really put your finger on some of that.”

On whether quarterback JaMarcus Russell has assured he team he’ll take care of himself physically in the offseason.

“It’s really not about him giving assurances. It’s simply, he has a job to do like everybody else. Do your job and do it in a matter helps this team succeed. We have talked a couple of times. I know he’s working and I’m anxious for the offseason program to get started so we can see him all the time.”

On ESPN’s report that the team could trade star cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

“We get a ton of calls about a lot of players on our football team all the time. In fact, before I came in here I was on the phone about something. To me, that stuff happens in the NFL. It’s going to happen all the time, so people call you and you listen. And see if anything interests you or doesn’t interest you. Sometimes it’s crazier than you think what they’re talking about. So you just take the call and you listen.”

On whether running back Darren McFadden's injuries have held him back in his two disappointing NFL seasons.

“I think so. Every time he’s gotten himself going and had pretty good production something has happened to either take him out of that game or not let him be as big a part in the next one. He’s a fine player and as he’s able to stay healthy for longer periods of time you’ll see more for what we all hope.”

On how rookie receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey's first season went.

“I think there were some good and some things that were probably disappointing. The injury, to me, is disappointing. I think the amount of pressure that was put on that kid from all angles, the scrutiny came the day he was picked, probably unfair but, hey, this is the NFL and that’s what it is. But with his work ethic and his character, he’s going to be what he’s supposed to be. You’ll be excited to write about him soon.”