Final pre-free agency thoughts

With San Diego giving running back Darren Sproles the high tender, I truly don’t expect much free-agent action right away from the AFC West.

Had Sproles gone to free agency, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was snatched up early in the process.

Now, that Sproles is essentially off the market, I don’t expect any major movement. The unrestricted free agent class from the AFC West is not very strong.

I think the only big-name who could leave the division soon is Denver receiver Brandon Marshall. Denver put the first-round tender on Marshall. He is priced to move. I could see Denver agreeing to trade Marshall fairly soon.

All of the big-name restricted free agents likely won’t leave the division because of their tenders.

San Diego did its best to keep this core. In addition to Sproles, receivers Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd, left tackle Marcus McNeill and linebacker Shawne Merriman all received the high tenders.

Its clear San Diego is continuing is trend of taking care of this own free agents. The Chargers’ Super Bowl window is still open and keeping their players means the Chargers believe they are close.

So, don’t expect a whole lot of more action from San Diego.

It is interesting that Sproles was planning to visit Kansas City before he was tendered. Perhaps it is a sign that the Chiefs will be active this year after sitting on the free-agency sidelines last year.

We’ll see what happens shortly.