Marshall on his way out of Denver

It is clear Brandon Marshall is on his way out of Denver.


MarshallSeattle is bringing in Marshall for a visit on Saturday. If the Seahawks are acting this quickly, expect them to try to hammer out a new extension for Marshall and offer Denver trade compensation.

Denver gave Marshall a first-round tender. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Seattle will send a first-round pick to Denver. The Seahawks have the No. 6 and No. 14 picks (acquired from Denver on draft day last year) in the first round. If the Seahawks sign Marshall to an offer sheet, they will have to send Denver the No. 6 pick.

It would be a shock if that happens. I expect a trade for lesser compensation to be worked out if Seattle decides to pull the trigger on acquiring Marshall.

Perhaps the No. 14 pick could be in play or maybe Seattle will send a second-round pick and a player to Denver. Other teams could also get involved with Denver on a potential trade. This quick action shows that there is an aggressive market for Marshall. So, expect his turbulent Denver career to end soon.