Former Charger star in Denver

After it was reported that former San Diego star defensive tackle Jamaal Williams is set to visit New Orleans, the Denver Post reported that Williams is currently visiting Denver.

The 348-pound Williams would be a great fit on paper for Denver, which is going into its second year using the 3-4 defense. In his prime, Williams was the premier 3-4 nose tackle in the NFL. He was a fabulous run stuffer and he set the tone for San Diego’s defense. He played for Denver defensive line coach Wayne Nunnely in San Diego.

Yet, there are questions about Williams. He turns 34 next month and he missed all but one game last year with a triceps injury. He also has dealt with recent knee injuries.

Still, if Denver uses him in a rotation, Williams could help. San Diego reportedly wants Williams back at a reduced price. Perhaps seeing that Williams is in Denver will cause San Diego to make a move. He was released last week right before he was due to receive a roster bonus.

Denver is also set to bring in New England defensive lineman Jarvis Green for a visit.