Would Quinn fit in the AFC West?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting Cleveland is shopping quarterback Brady Quinn.

Quinn has some connections to the AFC West. Let’s look if a trade to the division is feasible.


Connection: The Broncos were connected in trade speculation about Quinn before the draft and earlier this year in a potential trade for receiver Brandon Marshall.

Is it a fit? If Quinn came cheaply -- a fourth-round pick or lower -- Denver could take a flyer. He would be an upgrade over backup Chris Simms and he could compete with quarterback Kyle Orton. At this point, Quinn is not a clear upgrade over Orton. Denver would not surrender a significant amount to get him.

Kansas City

Connection: Quinn played for new Kansas City offensive coordinator Charlie Weis at Notre Dame.

Is it a fit? Weis could be tempted to take Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen with the No. 5 pick in next month’s draft. Under that logic, perhaps Weis would want Quinn. But there is a big difference. Quinn has shown playing in the NFL hasn’t come easy to him. Would it be worth upsetting big-money quarterback Matt Cassel to take a risk with Quinn? Probably not. The Chiefs like backup Brodie Croyle. While the Chiefs will likely consider Quinn because of Weis, it isn’t a a sure thing.


Connection: The Raiders studied Quinn in the 2007 draft when they had the No. 1 overall pick. The Raiders chose quarterback JaMarcus Russell instead.

Is it a fit? Quinn and Russell have both been disappointments. Still, Quinn isn’t worse than Russell. Like Denver, if the Raiders could get Quinn cheaply, it wouldn‘t be the worst idea to throw him in the competition with Russell and Bruce Gradkowski.

San Diego

No chance.