Raiders' locker room put on notice

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Nothing gets NFL players' attention like job security.

The entire Raiders' locker room must be standing at attention after the stunning news that high-priced 2008 addition, cornerback DeAngelo Hall has been cut in wake of the Raiders 24-0 home loss to Atlanta, Hall's former team.

Apparently, more Oakland big-money additions, such as Javon Walker, Tommy Kelly, Gibril Wilson and Kwame Harris, could potentially face a similar fate down the road.

This roster has just been put on notice. No one is safe in Oakland. This development could work one of two ways.

It could inspire these players to play well. The players could be so scared for their job security that they improve. The team clearly wasn't motivated by the firing of Lane Kiffin and the promotion of offensive line coach Tom Cable to interim head coach. Maybe the Hall release will do the trick.

Or it could go the other way and the team could quit. They could be upset by the Hall move and give up. Some players may want the same fate as Hall and try to latch on somewhere else.