Tomlinson talks heats up

ESPN's John Clayton reports LaDainian Tomlinson's agent is planning to negotiate with both the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets on Sunday to see if a deal can be finalized. Tomlinson visited the Vikings and Jets this past week.

There are two reports that say Tomlinson is poised to sign with the New York Jets. The San Diego Union Tribune and Sports Illustrated say that it will happen. Both reports point out that the deal is not signed. However, the San Diego Union Tribune later reported that Tomlinson said his mind is not made up.

Meanwhile, NFL.com is reporting that San Diego third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has decided to sign an offer sheet with either Seattle or Arizona. San Diego gave him a third-round tender. The Seahawks don’t have a third-round pick, but the report says that Seahawks and Chargers have come up with an alternate compensation plan if he signs with Seattle.

There is virtually no chance San Diego will match the offer. And it shouldn’t. Getting a mid-round pick for a player who has never thrown an NFL pass is a nice deal.