AFC West mailbag

Kaspar from Lewisburg, W.Va., wants to know if Oakland could switch to a 3-4 defense now that it traded for Kamerion Wimbley from Cleveland.

Bill Williamson: I don’t think so. While Wimbley has been a 3-4 player, you can’t change your entire defensive scheme to fit in one player. People I’ve talked to who are in the know say Wimbley is ready to adjust to the 4-3 and he could play defensive end. This move was made because Oakland owner Al Davis fell for Wimbley after the Browns stated talking to teams about him. Oakland thought he was well worth one of its two third-round picks.

Jordan from Highlands, Calif., wants to know if I think Denver will take Dez Bryant with the No. 11 pick.

BW: I think Bryant may fall on many draft boards because of character questions. But if Brandon Marshall is traded, perhaps Denver will consider him. But I don’t know if Denver targets Bryant as its top choice; the Broncos will look at several players with their top pick. So don’t pencil in Bryant as a sure Bronco quite yet.

Big J from Sacramento wants to know if the Chiefs could trade for Chicago tight end Greg Olson.

BW: If they do, it will be out of character. Kansas City coach Todd Haley doesn’t use the tight end position much as a receiving option. The tight end blocks a lot in the Chiefs’ system. Olsen is a receiving tight end. I don’t see the Chiefs as being overly interested, even though he is a fine player.