Halftime notes from hostile San Diego

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

SAN DIEGO -- Halftime thoughts from San Diego where Kansas City is leading 13-6 and trying to pull off a big upset that would crush the Chargers' playoff hopes, even in the weak AFC West.

The San Diego fans haven't seen their team in four weeks and they apparently haven't missed them. Fans have booed loudly when the Chargers have made mistakes on both sides of the ball. Fans booed vigorously as the Chargers headed to the locker room at halftime. There were high expectations of this team and fans are clearly fed up with the 3-5 Chargers.

The last time San Diego fans booed their team this loudly was September 2007 when the Chargers lost at home to the Chiefs. It was the famous day in which fans chanted "Marty." It was a call for former coach Marty Schottenheimer who was fired after the 2006 season and replaced by Norv Turner. If this doesn't turn around soon, expect the fire Turner chants to start again.

The Chiefs had a muffed PAT when they took a 13-6 lead. That could haunt Kansas City. One-win teams looking for a road upset can't make those types of mistakes.

Heads up play by San Diego rookie fullback Mike Tolbert. He was about to be brought down but Tolbert saw LaDainian Tomlinson and tossed the ball to him. Tomlinson then ran for a first down.

The Chiefs are getting much better. They fought hard the past two weeks and barely lost to the Jets and Buccaneers. This week, they are playing harder than the Chargers and they are without several defensive stars and they have no running game.

Kansas City quarterback Tyler Thigpen and tight end Tony Gonzalez are making a very nice tandem. Their chemistry is undeniable.