Explaining my AFC West power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The following is a look at why I placed the AFC West teams where I did in the Week 11 NFL power rankings.

Denver Broncos

Power ranking: 19

Where I ranked them: I had Denver ranked 18th, which is toward the bottom rung of the four-loss teams. It was a big win for the Broncos in Cleveland but there are so many injuries on this team. I'm not sure they can be ranked any higher.

San Diego Chargers

Power ranking: 20

Where I ranked them: I want to believe in the Chargers. I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt. I had them ranked 20th. I have them ranked the highest of the four five-loss teams. San Diego isn't playing very well, but I expect it to turn around at some point.

Kansas City Chiefs

Power ranking: 29

Where I ranked them: I ranked the Chiefs 30th. I want to rank them higher. They've played very well the past three weeks. But the bottom line is Kansas City has one win.

Oakland Raiders

Power ranking: 31

Where I ranked them: I had the Raiders ranked 29th. I am tempted to put them lower but they do have two wins and there are three teams with one or no wins. As silly as it sounds, this team is ranked to high.