Report: Raiders looking at Rosenfels

Reportedly, the Raiders’ pursuit of a quarterback is not solely centered on Donovan McNabb.

Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post is reporting Oakland and Minnesota are talking about a deal for Vikings No. 3 quarterback Sage Rosenfels. Lombardi used to work for the Raiders.

It’s not surprising that Oakland is looking at options other than McNabb, who will likely be reluctant to play in Oakland. The Raiders need help at quarterback. It’s great they are recognizing that.

Rosenfels would be an interesting pickup for Oakland. He has some experience and some skills. He wouldn’t make the impact that McNabb would, but he would be cheaper.

If Rosenfels came to Oakland, I’d ultimately see him competing with Bruce Gradkowski for the starting job. Rosenfels may be marginally more talented than Gradkowski. However, Gradkowski had a great connection with his Oakland teammates. So, I wouldn’t necessarily say Rosenfels would definitely beat out Gradkowski.

Oakland’s pursuit of other quarterbacks is another indication that team is preparing to move away from JaMarcus Russell. Clearly the team has no faith in the 2007 No. 1 overall pick if a journeyman like Rosenfels is being considered as an option.

I wouldn’t think a Rosenfels-Oakland pairing would happen overly quickly. The Vikings can’t afford to part ways with a quarterback until they are sure that Brett Favre will return. Recent history shows that may take a while.