LT needs to focus on the future

LaDainian Tomlinson has moved on after being cut from the San Diego Chargers in February.



Or has he?

It seems the New York Jets’ newest running back can’t get over his final days in San Diego.

Tomlinson said Thursday that "everything was taken away from me" in San Diego. Tomlinson’s production has declined the past couple of years. In 2009, Tomlinson, 30, had a career low 730 yards and he didn’t have a 100-yard game all season. San Diego had the 31st ranked running offense in 2009. Tomlinson had 24 yards on 12 carries in San Diego’s upset loss to the Jets in the AFC divisional playoffs.

Yet, Tomlinson said the team took the running game away from him. That is only partially true. If he was effective, he would have been given more chances. San Diego, with coach Norv Turner and quarterback Philip Rivers, are a pass-first offense. Turner clearly wanted the run game to come along and help. But it didn’t.

Tomlinson has to take some of the blame. Does he really think the Chargers didn’t want him to be a star last year?

Now that he is gone, Tomlinson should embrace the future and not rehash his failures in San Diego. He had a Hall of Fame career in San Diego. He should look back on it fondly and focus on showing he can still be a solid player for the Jets. Blaming others for his San Diego failures doesn’t help anyone.