Sound-off: LT's parting shots

I want to know what San Diego fans think about LaDainian Tomlinson’s recent comments.

He was quoted as saying that “everything was taken away” from him in his last couple of years in San Diego. Tomlinson, one of the most popular players in San Diego history, saw his production decline sharply. Last season, Tomlinson, 30, had 730 yards and didn’t have a 100-yard game. He had 24 yards on 12 carries in his final games as a Charger, in a home playoff loss to the Jets.

Tomlinson, 30, was released in February and he signed with the Jets last month.

Do Tomlinson’s complaints taint his legacy in San Diego? Do you feel differently about him now that he put the blame for his lack of production on others?

Hit my mailbag with your thoughts. I will post some of your responses later in the week.