You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

It was a landslide in this week's "you pick it." The three candidates were Chiefs' coach Herman Edwards' decision to go for two points and try to win at San Diego in the final minute, the Raiders' inability to score or the Broncos' injury issues.

Overwhelmingly, you picked Edwards' gumption as the top story this week. Here is a sampling of your responses. Thanks for participating.

John from Lawrence: I am content with Edwards going for two on the last play. The way the defense played in the second half, and overtime against Tampa, I don't think we could have squeaked out a win. Our defense, and offense, is beat up, yet we are still finding a way to compete at a high level. I like going for the win, but its unfortunate that we didn't make the play to win the game. I am just pleased to see a lot of progress with all the young players.

James from Hampton Roads, VA: Bill, this weeks has to go with Herm... Herm has been labeled as "Too Conservative" by many people out there. So he makes a call to win the game in which his team has played well but lost a handful of starters in the game. Many of those players were backups to begin with. Herm just wanted the game to be over after regulation. Win or Lose!!! I agree with his call. You always want the W but I have been impressed with my team in the last 3 weeks. Every KC fan knew that this year is all about learning for our young guy. They are showing me that they have what it take to get W?s! Now they just need to get some. But you don?t want them to learn how to lose all the time. You need a W mixed in there for some pride!!!

Kellen from Merced, CA: Herm's call is the story of the week. I didn't mind it when Denver did it, because they had been dominating on offense all day. The Chiefs were not nearly as dominating. The call looked more like a desperate move to try to win a game then a well thought out strategy.

Derrick from Mammoth: Yes Herm Edwards made the right choice going for two.

Brandon from KC: Did Herm do the right thing going for 2? Absolutely and here's why: We all know from the previous game that KC blew a lead which sent the game into overtime which it lost. Herm knew our D was banged up and felt his best bet at winning was to put it in the hands of the offense. It failed, but it was the right choice no doubt. Even though we're still losing, I'm starting to believe...

Brian Marzano from Mint Hill, NC: I'm a Broncos fan, but I still think the story of the week is Herman Edwards choice to go for two. Absolutely the right call. The Chiefs have nothing to lose at this point, and should play as such.

Matt Hubert from Erie, PA: It's the Raiders' inability to score. No one was expecting them to challenge the '07 Patriots for offensive firepower. Still, they had a solid running game last year. McFadden was supposed to add an explosive element to the offense. Walker was supposed to stretch the defense. Instead, the team has regressed. Fargas' production is down. McFadden's been hurt. Walker's been missing in action. And Russell has failed to display the accuracy needed to sustain scoring drives. The offense is painful to watch, plain and simpl