AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Patrick O’Kane from Ireland wants to know if Denver could take Florida center Maurkice Pouncey with the No. 11 pick.

Bill Williamson: Pouncey is the best available center prospect and the Broncos desperately need a center. They will address the need early in the draft. So it’s a natural fit. But I’m not sure Pouncey is worth the No. 11 pick. That’s a little high. Still, Denver could trade down or up to the lower part of the first round where Pouncey is expected to be picked. Because of the fit, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pouncey ended up in Denver.

Kevin from San Diego wants to know how quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Charlie Whitehurst were traded for comparable compensation.

BW: Good question, McNabb was sent from Philadelphia to Washington for the No. 37 overall pick and a conditional pick in 2011 that will be either a third or fourth-round pick. Whitehurst was sent from San Diego to Seattle in a deal where the two teams switched second-round picks. San Diego will draft No. 40 and Seattle will draft No. 60. San Diego will also get a third-round pick in 2011. These deals are fairly close considering that McNabb is a perennial Pro Bowl player and Whitehurst has never thrown an NFL pass. Still, McNabb is 33 and has an expiring contract. Whitehurst will be 28 and has upside. So, there are interesting points in both deals. Still, on paper, I’d think McNabb would have been much more expensive than Whitehurst.

Mike from San Diego wants to know what to expect from second-year players Larry English and Vaughn Martin in San Diego.

BW: They are interesting players to watch. English, a linebacker, was the team’s first-round pick last season and Martin, a defensive lineman, was a fourth-round pick. I’d think we’d see more from English this year. The Chargers hope he begins to flourish. He was fairly slow to adapt last season as a rookie. But he was coming from a small school and there was an adjustment period. The Chargers like him. But we need to see some of that expected pass rush in his second season. Martin played at a Canadian college. He is a project. He is massive and he has a good work ethic. He could turn out to be a good player. But it may take some time.