McDaniels inherited Marshall problem

Another April, another Pro Bowl player is traded away from Denver.

Last year, Denver traded quarterback Jay Cutler to Chicago after he had a dispute with new coach Josh McDaniels. Wednesday, Denver traded receiver Brandon Marshall to Miami.

Trading standout quarterbacks and receivers is no way of building a championship team. The Broncos are clearly hurt by the losses of the players and it has to find a way to stop this alarming trend.

But McDaniels can’t be blamed for the Marshall trade. Marshall had issues with Mike Shanahan's staff prior to McDaniels’ arrival in Denver. This divorce has long been brewing. Marshall would have been traded no matter who the coach was. While McDaniels played a major role in Cutler’s departure, he inherited the Marshall issue. Marshall and McDaniels had their issues, but it's just an extension of Marshall’s trend of unhappiness in Denver.

Now, all McDaniels can do is look ahead. He has to try to make his team better from the two trades.

After getting a slew of picks last year, the Cutler trade will be completed when Denver uses the No. 11 pick in the draft next Thursday. The Broncos got the No. 43 pick next week and a second-round pick next year.

If Denver can turn these picks into Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant and perhaps Florida center Maurkice Pouncey (which will likely require a trade up) it will be a good start.

It’s difficult to replace Pro Bowl players, but Denver had no choice but to deal Marshall .Now all McDaniels can do is continue to try to rebuild his roster.