AFC West mailbag

Tom from Kansas City wants to know if the Chiefs could look at Texas safety Earl Thomas ahead of Tennessee safety Eric Berry at No. 5.

Bill Williamson: Thomas is making a push up the draft boards. I think some teams may like him more than Berry. At least one draft expert thinks Thomas is better than Berry. I think there is a decent chance Kansas City could draft a safety. I still think the Chiefs would take Berry over Thomas. But it seems like Thomas is making a charge. Both players should have excellent NFL careers.

Ben Ford from Ramona, Calif., wants to know if Chargers could package their two 2011 third-round picks acquired in trades this offseason to move up into the first round next week.

BW: The picks were acquired from the Jets (Antonio Cromartie) and the Seahawks (Charlie Whitehurst). I think the Chargers have a lot of firepower and general manager A.J. Smith likes being in this position. Smith loves moving up and down the draft board. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chargers get a second first-round pick, perhaps using No. 40 this year (acquired in the Whitehurst deal) to get there.

Jordan wants to know if the Chargers could draft California running back Jahvid Best.

BW: Best is a fine running back. But I think he may be a bit smaller than what San Diego is looking for. If the draft class wasn’t so deep with big, strong running backs, I’d think Best would be a sure thing for San Diego. But I do think the Chargers will look at bigger backs such as Ryan Mathews, Jonathan Dwyer and Toby Gerhart first. Plus, Dwyer and Gerhart may require a lesser draft picks than Best.