Security at the forefront for teams

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

If you haven't read the fantastic package on security among NFL players and coaches in light of the murder of Redskins star safety Sean Taylor, you must. It's required reading.

Check out the section on Denver Broncos security director Dave Abrams. This is a special man who knows his business well. And there are people like him in every NFL building.

Abrams was a longtime member of the Denver Police Department. He was hired on a full-time basis by the Broncos after the death of cornerback Darrent Williams on Jan. 1, 2007.

People like Abrams have an important job. Abrams keeps up on nearly every detail of the outside lives of Denver players, all in the name of protecting them. He not only advises players on home security but also on how to avoid identity theft and other threats.

Abrams even goes so far as to occasionally drop by Denver night clubs that are popular with players. Abrams makes it clear to players that he isn't trying to interfere with their free time, but he's there to help them and make sure they stay safe.

The deaths of Williams and Taylor brought to light the need for off-field security for NFL players and Wednesday's package brings it to light. Again, check it out.