Scouts Inc. breaks down Boller

We enlisted Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc. to breakdown Kyle Boller. The former first-round pick signed with the Oakland Raiders on Thursday and will likely compete for a backup job. Boller has started 46 NFL games.

Here are Green’s thoughts:

The Raiders like big strong-armed quarterbacks and that is why Oakland added Kyle Boller. Boller is a pocket passer who can stretch the field vertically with his arm strength. Along with his big arm, Boller throws an accurate deep ball. He does a nice job of giving his receiver a chance to make a play in the vertical passing game.

For his size, he is a good athlete who can stay alive in the pocket with foot quickness, which allows his receivers to uncover down the field. On the down side, he is not a very accurate passer. He does not hit his receivers in stride or allow them to make plays with the ball in his hands. He consistently forces the ball into traffic. He does not do a very good job of taking velocity off his throws on underneath passes. He does not have great instincts. He does not show a very good feel in the pocket.

He will get passes batted down at the line of scrimmage because he does not understand how to find passing windows. He does not have a very good feel for pass rush pressure. He will often step into the rush instead of moving away from it. He does not play with a lot of confidence or show leadership for the position.